Often questions and doubts arise in all relationships that bring upon suspicion of infidelity.

By utilizing our investigative services, you are able to remain anonymous throughout the process of discreetly discovering the truth regarding your significant other or future spouse.

We at Castro Investigative Agency will do the work for you. So, we offer you guaranteed physical and visual evidence proving as to whether your significant other is faithful and trustworthy. Therefore, in turn, you will be able to make an educated decision based on facts, should you continue your relationship.

Castro Investigative Agency’s Licensed Private Investigators are experts in investigating cheating partners and know the exact steps to take in order to uncover the truth for our clients.

Premarital Investigations

Premarital Investigations

Premarital Investigations have become one of our most popular type of investigations in the United States and the Caribbean. Due to recent and now common online relationships that originate through popular social media sites on the internet and in real life. Therefore, our dedicated team of Licensed Private investigators recommend conducting both surveillance and a background check on any potential dating partners in your life.

Before engaging in a long-distance relationship either in the United States or abroad you might want to be sure that the person you are bonding with is actually who they say they are. Our team of Licensed Private Investigators can perform a variety of steps. Our efforts to ensure that a person has been honest about their past and their present livelihood and or current relationship status.

Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations

Premarital Investigations by a dedicated team of Licensed Private Investigators:


Many of our customers retain our investigative services to gather matrimonial and lifestyle evidence. So, they can prove if their partner or spouse is being unfaithful or cheating on them in their current relationship.

At Castro Investigative Agency our dedicated team of Licensed Private Investigators. We come across and uncover infidelity by cheating spouses and individuals in a committed relationship on a frequent basis. Infidelity cases are also known as a matrimonial, cheating spouse, and domestic investigations. So, every individual situation is unique and often are complex cases. Therefore, it needs to be handled by experienced and Licensed Private Investigators.

Whether this is something that has been ongoing or recently uncovered, the potential of infidelity often causes overwhelming emotions. Moreover, it is varying from stress, anger, anxiousness, anxiety, lack of concentration, loss of sleep, and hurt feelings.

Licensed Private Investigators understand the sensitivity:


Our Licensed Private Investigators understand the sensitivity of these cases. Therefore, we are here to help you through these potentially difficult times. So, our investigative team will gather and uncover the facts and not become emotionally involved. Therefore, easing your emotional stress and help you uncover the truth in a timely and efficient manner.

Every investigation whether simple or complex is handled with the upmost discretion and given our immediate personal attention.

Premarital Investigations